Over the last 9 years, Sole Hope has experienced tremendous growth. Our operational model has continually improved as we have learned more and more about jiggers. These discoveries have shifted our primary focus from treatment and protection to today’s well-rounded, model:


This is the cornerstone component of our operational model. Sole Hope’s team teaches people how jiggers infect them, how they can treat them, and how they can prevent them. Individuals, families, and communities receive this critical educational piece through a variety of activities from weekly and Focus Clinics to stays at the Hope Center.


This encompasses the physical components of our work. Treatment is now provided through targeted community and Focus Clinics which also give provisions for at-home care. A comprehensive evaluation, medical treatment, and 24/7 care are provided for severe cases through the Hope Center. Shoes are given to protect and aid in prevention. Our incredible social work team helps identify affected individuals and communities, facilitate clinics and transport, and provide follow-up. 


From humble beginnings with one tailor, one shoemaker, and one nurse, Sole Hope’s national staff has grown to over 60 men and women filling a multitude of roles. Many of these jobs provide skills training, and all provide an income that in turn provides for our staff’s families and others for whom they care. Local artisans are given opportunities to sell their handmade goods through our seasonal marketplaces. Additionally, our Patient Empowerment Program offers opportunities for those families treated at the Hope Center who could benefit from it the most.

As we grow, so do our needs. Financial support is our greatest need, and it is how the work continues.


Welcome to THE JOURNEY.


Every donation makes a difference. Every amount matters. Every donation, large, small, one-time, multiple times, individual, or group, goes here. Each one builds upon the one before and moves us along in our journey toward #zerojiggers.


Here you will see how your gift impacts the work in Uganda.  You are informed and connected. Choose an area of work that you are passionate about and leverage your community to make it possible.


We can’t do it alone. With YOUR help, we can achieve great things!


Join us on THE JOURNEY as we work together to bring HOPE, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases, like jiggers, to vulnerable populations in Uganda.





It starts with one. $1 can provide three meals for a patient at our Hope Center.



Beautiful grounds don’t keep themselves. This amount covers all the little things it takes to keep it safe and tidy like the mowing, new flowers, and weed master supplies.



Provide a round of office supplies our social workers need: paper, printer ink, pens, envelopes, and more.


This is the amount it takes to fuel, oil, and service our three vehicles EVERY month.


Provide the necessary items to complete a Care Kit.




Some patients require more substantial medical treatment than we are able to provide ourselves so we coordinate with local hospitals and specialists who give them the best care available.


Our Family Empowerment Program shifts the narrative; it helps keep struggling families jigger free and thriving.


Provide the cost to host a weekly clinic in a school.


Your gift equips our educational staff with the resources they need from books and pencils to printed information and teaching aids.


This donation level will provide two shares of training for our staff. It could be business training, advanced degrees or driving school.



Provide the resources for photocopies our social workers need in a year. 




This amount can purchase a shipping container to go from Salisbury, NC to Jinja, Uganda, Africa + taxes & fees.


At this level, provide a resettlement package for someone who’s leaving the Hope Center. 


Provide a desk for one of our social workers.







Our social work team identifies areas where Focus Clinics are beneficial. These are small-scale clinics where around 25 patients are treated.


This donation level can provide the funds for a new van.


Provide lunch for patients, social workers, and drivers as they make the journey from their homes to the Hope Center each month.


Communication is an essential part of our work, especially for our social workers. This amount each month keeps the team connected with phone service. 


Provide food for TWO months for our team of seven dogs who guard our properties day and night.




This amount can operate a single satellite location for one year.


This amount can supply a generator with fuel for one month, helping to make sure our staff can work even when the power doesn’t.


Internet is required for many of our employees from communication to data entry for our patient needs. This amount supplies one month of service.



Sole Hope is building, brick by brick. You can make these projects possible with a bundle of bricks.


We are blessed to employ over 70 incredible men and women who devote their 40+ hours each week to the mission of Sole Hope, providing for their families and enriching their communities.

What makes THE JOURNEY different?

  • It has a BIG goal that will only be achieved through thousands of small steps, steps as small as $1. Our goal is $500,000 by the end of 2019.
  • It utilizes the power of community: it’s about what we can achieve TOGETHER. We’ve created tools & resources to equip you to share.
  • It offers you a look into details of the work of Sole Hope, showing you the small things that it takes to make a big difference. 





If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER. – African Proverb

How can you make the most impact?

Use your influence in your community (think family, work, community group, school, church, or sports team)  to donate + fundraise for The Journey online and/or in person. Use the tools and resources below to get started.
When your fundraiser is complete, you can see the impact of your steps. Whether it’s $1 or $100,000, YOU are making a difference.
Receive email impact reports throughout the year. We’re on this journey together, and we want you to know what’s happening in Uganda through your gifts.


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