Getu and Aggrey

Sole Hope founder (and my beautiful wife) Asher wrote a beautiful blog post last week telling the stories of two beautiful souls that the Lord brought to Sole Hope even though they did not have jiggers.

 To say that we were blown away by the outpouring of support for Getu and Aggrey would be an understatement.  To see that others care about these two as much as we do is encouraging and refreshing.

Getu is healing very well.  For months this little spunky girl wore a brace that kept her arm up and away from her side to prevent it from fusing to the skin on her rib cage and limiting motion.  She didn’t let this stop her from playing futbol, dancing, or giving hugs.  Now that she does not have to wear it any longer she helps her mother cook, swings and oh! she is still dancing… more than ever!

Getu Healing

{photo: Lis Steckle}

Getu Healing 2

{photo: Lis Steckle}

Aggrey is healing nicely as well.  He no longer needs his burn wounds dressed daily.  He is also smiling…. A LOT!  He has become a important part of life around the Sole Hope compound and is always willing to lend a helping hand.  Aggrey likes to switch up his hats and has a collection of 4 now that were gifted to him by people staying at the Sole Hope Guest House.  He should be able to rejoin him family in the village in less than a month!

Aggrey Healing

{photo: Lis Steckle}

Aggrey Healing 2

{photo: Lis Steckle}

We would like to celebrate that the goal of $635 was met and exceeded!!  With the funds raised we were able to pay off their medical bills and all costs associated with their transport and stay in both Jinja and Kampala!  The extra money will go to getting Aggrey the seizure medicine he needs and follow up care monthly and assisting with school fees and supplies for both children!  Thank you SO much to everyone who gave!