Our fall intern, Paige, has been here for just under 3 weeks – and we are so thankful for her! Her work ethic is unmatched and she has a heart that is willing to serve in any way that is asked of her. While she’s only been back for a few short weeks, it feels like she has been here so much longer since she sunk into life and work here so easily. I asked her a few questions about what she was enjoying about being back (and we are so thankful that she is!). – Lis Steckle, International coordinator. 


What has been your favorite thing so far since you have returned to Uganda as a Sole Hope intern?

So far her favorite things have been meeting/getting to know new faces coming through the Sole Hope Guest House as well as our outreach families. Running a guest house involves meeting lots of people. There are always people in and out and you are able to make connections with many of them. When it comes to our outreach families, we have had some of the same kids here for the duration of her stay, so it has allowed her to get to know them on a deeper level. They love when Paige is able to take the time and spend a few moments with each of them.

What do you enjoy the most about being an intern?

Paige loves being busy with something different each day. You never know what may come up around here, but life is never boring. Each day looks a little bit different, with different tasks and different jobs – but working towards a common goal keeps everyone moving together. And we keep her on her toes…always.

What has been different than what you expected so far?

One of the things that has exceeded her expectations has been the fact that people have remembered her from her visit earlier in the year. It makes you feel right right at home when you walk in to familiar faces who are smiling and welcoming you back by name. It brings comfort to the unfamiliar.

Has anything funny happened to you since you’ve been here?

Sometimes we like to have a little fun, so both Paige and our employee Eric were riding on the top of the van on the short drive between compounds. It soon became a game of ducking under tree branches and brushing leaves out of their faces as we entered into the Sole Hope compound. Everyone had a good laugh.

What is one thing that you have learned so far?

Paige said that one of the main things she’s learned is that non-profit organizations need to have a well organized team of hard workers. Without a solid team that is passionate about the same things, you do not more forward. Having hard working people who believe in what they’re doing can make all the difference.

What is your favorite food here that you are excited to have again?

Rolex (an egg wrapped in a thick tortilla). They are a favorite around here.


Again, we are so thankful that Paige is a part of our team this fall. Her hard work does not go unnoticed – we are so glad that you’re back! Stay tuned for more of her story as her internship unfolds!