When The Sole Hope Outreach House closed it’s doors at the end of July we thought that was it… we wouldn’t operate in the same way until the new one is build as part of “THE NEXT STEP“.

That was until we received a call. A call from the police that we have received before and has become too common.

There was a family that traveled to get treatment for their jiggers. They were turned away by the hospital and being shamed by onlookers. The police were called in to keep the peace.

This has become a semi-regular occurrence and the officers know to call our social workers to help.

family 3

When word got to Sole Hope Founder, Asher, she didn’t waste any time finding a solution. We are without the facilities to house the amount of serious jigger patients we once had, but she came up a plan to take care of this family.

“Of course we have room.” she said and action was taken.

Sewing machines, fabric, and equipment were removed from the tailor room and beds took their place. The Sole Hope staff made the room as comfortable as possible for the family of five.

The Sole Hope nurses, staff, and volunteers did what they do best and treated the family with dignity and care.

family 2

family 4family 6









The family spent almost two weeks healing, receiving care, and daily education. It always amazes me the drastic change in a patient who has jiggers. They arrive ashamed and a shell of a person… they leave restored and full of joy spreading the “gospel” of being jigger free!

Whenever you think there is not enough margin in your life to help one more person remember “There is always room to help one more.”

family 5
Tennywa James age 7, Dolola age 9,  James age 3, Madina age 38, Edirian age 76 photos: Kelly Powers

We were able to help this family, but there are thousands more cases that need attention. Will you partner with us on “THE NEXT STEP”