HELP US RAISE $4,000 for Phase Four of the NEXT PHASE! WE ONLY HAVE 2 DAYS LEFT!!

The vision for “The Next Step” is becoming a reality, but we have one very important phase that must happen as we begin construction. We only have 2 days left to raise the remaining goal of $4,000.

Living and working with “boots on the ground” in Uganda for the last 3 years has taught us many lessons. One of the unfortunate ones is “You have to protect your resources or they may be stolen.”

Recently there has been an increase of thieves and vandals around the area, which makes the security wall a top priority.

Simply put we have to build the wall!  Will you help us?

It will take approximately:

  • 75,000 bricks
  • 35,000 concrete blocks
  • 60 truckloads of sand
  • 100 truckloads of aggregate
  • 1000 bags of cement
  • Manufactured anti-climb spikes
  • Steel Gate
  • and lots of man hours labor
  • Etc.
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