Oh, what a summer!

Jinja sees many new and old faces during the “summer” months (May through August) as people travel through on mission/volunteer trips during a time when many have a break from school and work.

We have had a many days with a house-full of guests at the Sole Hope Guest House, and have been able to share our work here with many other visitors who have stopped by. Whether you have stayed at the guest house, joined us for a foot-washing/jigger removal clinic, or came to visit the Sole Hope compound to see our tailors/shoemakers and Sole Hope Outreach House, we want to say THANK YOU!

Because of you, we have been able to run bigger and better clinics in the surrounding villages – extending our reach into the community. Whether you washed feet, took notes, dug jiggers, or fit shoes – you played a big part in what we do here on the ground in Uganda. For those who came to see our shoemakers and tailors at work – thank you for encouraging them in what they do – they love meeting new people and being able to give them a peak into what they do everyday. For those who came to visit our outreach children or help with a clinic at our outreach house – thank you for showing each and every child just how precious they are.

Here’s to all of our Sole Hope volunteers! You have stepped up to the plate and we are so glad that you chose to spend time serving along side us here on the ground – you made an impact.




If you are still in Jinja, or are planning a trip to Jinja in the near future, and would like information about volunteering with Sole Hope at our foot-washing/jigger removal clinics, please click here or email lis@solehope.org.

*All photos by Morgan Judge*