It was cool afternoon at the end of July – much like any other day at the Sole Hope compound. But just like any other day at the Sole Hope compound, plans could change in minutes. That day, our van arrived back at the Sole Hope Outreach House with six souls in the back and 12 feet infested with jiggers like we had never EVER seen before. They had been taken to a hospital 45 minutes away who refused to treat them, bringing them to us by a referral from the local law enforcement. They stepped out of the van, fear and pain plaguing their faces, uncertain of where they were or what their future would look like. As they sat on the mat outside of our Outreach House, our Founder, Asher, spoke love & hope & redemption over them. In a moment that anyone could have seen as hopeless or a waste of time, there was HOPE in the knowledge that this was not the end of the story. This was the beginning of their future.

It was discovered that the father believed that their struggle with jiggers was because of a curse passed down from his father. His father suffered from jiggers and it was thought that the curse was passed to his family because he was not in good standings with his father when he died. The story, again, was filled with hopelessness. Many locals believe that curses and bloodlines determine who is to be plagued by jiggers. This lack of education creates a fatal outcome for a preventable disease. Like many Ugandans, they had avoided the issue of jiggers because they were ashamed and did not want to bring negative attention to themselves.




But this was not the end of the story.

This family, five months later, is thriving! Their children are healthy and well cared for. There are a total of 8 family members staying at the outreach house – the father & mother, four of their children (1 girl and 3 boys), as well as two of their grandchildren. They were treated for jiggers, fit with #solehopeshoes, and taught about the importance of hygiene, shoes, & the truth about jiggers, where they come from, and how you get them. It has been absolutely amazing seeing their family gain confidence, joy, and HOPE for the future over these last months.


Now, the father is working for Sole Hope, helping keep the grounds at the Outreach Clinic! We were so excited to provide him with an opportunity to make and save money that he can put towards building a permanent home for him and his family. However, right now he is only able to construct a temporary structure for their family of 8. Would you be willing to walk alongside this family & help them raise enough money to build a permanent home? If so, please donate here and write “HOPE FOR 8” in the comment section. We are so excited to surprise them with this money that will allow them to all live together – jigger free! We will be sure to update you along the way as they continue to journey towards their new home with #ZEROjiggers!