If you are looking for a way to share about Sole Hope with students and equip them to get involved, the new curriculum is a great way to do just that.


This is a curriculum focused on salvation, service, and simplicity. We pray that these lessons and activities spark something inside each child that takes root and opens their eyes to see the world in a new way, know the way to salvation, and have both the courage and the confidence to step out and do great things.

Walk the Gospel Road with your students as they learn to step out in faith and serve others. This curriculum focuses on salvation, service, and simplicity. Bible passages are brought to life in an easy-to-relate-to way through the real-life Sole Stories of Sole Hope each day. Students will see the world with fresh eyes after being introduced to problems, information, and solutions using the Bible as their guide. They will gain confidence in their own abilities to serve at any age through interactive projects and service options.

Each activity, game, service, and┬ástory┬áhas been designed to tie into the overarching lesson for the day. Within each day’s lesson, you will find pieces that tie into each theme.

The Stepping Out curriculum comes in two different forms: Special Series and VBS. The Special Series package is ideal for a special teaching series in a group, class, or homeschool module. It’s a versatile curriculum packed with activities geared for grades K-5. The VBS package has everything you need for a full VBS curriculum. It’s a versatile curriculum packed with activities geared for grades K-5.

Interested in using the Sole Hope curriculum with your group? Click here to order. Need a little more information? Email amy@solehope.org.