Have you ever wondered how to get children involved in your shoe cutting party? Maybe they are old enough to understand the concept, but cutting out shoe uppers is a little beyond their years?

We have a fun, creative, and engaging way to involved kids of all ages – or even adults! All you need are a few simple supplies: denim (can be uppers that are already cut or just the material), fabric paint or watered down acrylic paint, and some paint brushes. Then have some fun! You can paint pictures, designs, or be completely abstract.

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These shoes will make their way to Uganda, our tailors will sew them and our shoemakers will form them, and voila! You have some of the best looking shoes around. It’s a great way to get your kids involved and start explaining to them why you’re cutting out and painting shoes – and have a blast while doing it.


Photo by Wynne Elder

The children in the village get excited to see the fun designs and colors on their brand new pair of shoes. It’s one way for kids to help kids – from one side of the world to the other.

So get your paint brushes together and have a party! Head to www.solehopeparty.org to get more info and order your Shoe Party Kit.  We can’t wait to see the shoes make their way to Uganda!


Photo by Paige Davis