Over the past 10 years, Sole Hope has been privileged to work with some amazing organizations that have partnered with us to bring hope and healing to the people of Uganda suffering from jiggers. Our most recent partnership is with See Beautiful.

See Beautiful is a philanthropic company with a mission to provide inspiring, ethically-sourced products to create more beautiful in the world. See Beautiful has given over $200,000 through its grant program and strategic giving
initiatives. Their most recent award to Sole Hope will provide the transportation, fuel, and supplies to bring a mobile clinic to a community in Uganda affected by jiggers.


Our mobile clinics have shown a great impact in spreading our purpose and services. At clinics, our trained, Ugandan-led team travels to a local school to remove jiggers, outfits each patient with a new pair of shoes hand-made in our workshop, educates patients on how to treat and prevent jiggers with simple hygiene and removal, and collects relevant data to inform and drive impact. Mobile clinics expose our services to people in the community who are or know someone who may be suffering from jiggers. We aim to see 150 patients at each clinic. Initially, these 150 people receive direct jigger treatment, education, and shoes, but when these patients share this information with their homes and communities, hundreds of others receive the same life-changing information. This results in a multitude of people learning about the impact of our work. We estimate close to 1,000 people are impacted by our clinics each week, depending on the size of the community we travel to and the number of volunteers. That is an INCREDIBLE impact from just ONE mobile clinic!

Thank you!

We are honored to be chosen by See Beautiful and to be able to deliver hope and healing that impacts communities in such a powerful way.

If you would like to learn more about See Beautiful, visit their website at www.seebeautiful.com.

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