Ritah and her mom walked up the steep slopes to their home.  Looking over the valley spread out beneath them, they felt defeated. They’d tried everything they knew to try and had failed.  But, they didn’t give up. Every morning they got up and farmed.  Every morning they prayed.

Months before, Ritah was infested by jiggers. At first, infestation is painful and itchy. Over time, it weakens a person leaving them susceptible to infections and illness.  Ritah’s health began to fail. Mom left the farming in the hands of her three older children and she and Ritah began the long slow journey out of the mountains to a hospital. When they arrived, Ritah was turned away immediately. She didn’t have cash. A second hospital was no better, so they went to a traditional herbal healer. The man tried to treat Ritah, but it didn’t seem to help.

The mountains near Ritah’s home.

Ritah’s jiggers got worse, then she got pneumonia. Next she contracted to malaria, and finally her kidneys began to fail.

“Whenever I looked at my daughter I could see she was going to die,” Mom says.

She kept farming, she kept praying, and she got ready to bury her youngest daughter.  

And that’s when Sole Hope arrived.

Ritah received proper treatment At Sole Hope. After the pneumonia and malaria were resolved, her kidneys responded to treatment. The Sole Hope team removed the jiggers and taught Ritah how to live jigger free.

Over her weeks with Sole Hope, Ritah came back to life, both physically and emotionally. “I was always sickly,” Ritah says, her face radiating joy, as she works side by side with the Sole Hope team, serving food and doing dishes. “Now I am very fine.” Her laugh rings out above the clatter of dishes.

Ritah is now completely healthy and free to live her best life. She loves jump rope and fresh fruit. She loves to study and if there’s work to be done, she helps with a smile.

Ritah’s new chance at life impacts the rest of the family as well. Mom exudes joy and thankfulness. She had planned to bury her baby girl. Now that very girl is completely healthy.  “I’m very happy that finally there has been a salvation for my child,” mom says.  “This is what I have prayed for.”