We are overjoyed to share how your generosity stretches across the world!

Take a look at how hope is being restored and futures are being brightened!


The Hope Center


The ribbon fell to the ground.  The doors slid open. In a moment, years of work by countless people paid off.  Years of hopes and dreams became a reality.

The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation Hope Center is open.  

Past patients, our whole national team, local leaders, Uganda’s Ministry of Health, leaders of the Young Living Foundation, and Sole Hope’s founder gathered to celebrate.   It was amazing to hear words of encouragement, support, and excitement for the future from each of them.


Growth and Milestones

We are in the Hope Center!  Since the opening, it’s been amazing to witness the growth the Hope Center has made possible.  Already this quarter Sole Hope has served more patients through the Hope Center than ever before! We are still growing into the space, designed to serve patients from all across Uganda.   

Sole Hope has partnered with four people who live in remote areas where many of our patients live.  These parasocial workers are our representatives in their home communities and help connect us with the people who need our services.  They also assist with follow up visits, community education, and work to ensure that our patients live jigger free.

On the Horizon

We are growing into our space!  As we care for more patients we plan to add positions to ensure that each patient gets the best possible care.  We are looking at increasing our social work team, our caretaking team, our education team, and adding a driver.  

We are gearing up for summer! Visitors from Uganda, Kenya, Singapore, Australia, Argentina, the UK, the US, and other countries around the world have booked their tickets to come out and support what our team is doing here in Uganda.   

Our talented team of shoemakers has been working on something special.  Keep your eyes open this summer for Sole Hope to be selling something stylish with a story.

Program Impact by the Numbers



Patients Seen

 Jiggers Removed 

Hope Center



Focus Clinic



School and Community Clinics 






Pairs of shoes made 4,362



At the Hope Center, a patient’s treatment begins with a thorough physical by Doctor Paul.  He and the team of nurses treat each patient for other preexisting conditions they may have.  In the first quarter of 2019, our team successfully treated:

Malaria 81 cases  |  Bacterial Diarrhea 39 cases | Measles 3

Malnutrition 11 cases  |  Anemia 4 cases  |  Skin infection 41 cases 



At 13 years old Ruth is shouldering a tremendous amount of responsibility. Years ago, Ruth’s father passed away, and shortly afterward, her mother was paralyzed in an accident.  Now the remaining caretaker to a disabled parent and three young children, Ruth works in her neighbors’ fields in exchange for food she brings home for her family.

Ruth is strong.  

Ruth was attacked by jiggers while working barefoot in the fields. They burrowed in her feet and soon infected her brother and two sisters as well.

Before long, Ruth felt her strength being stolen. Now, she was eating for herself and the parasites who sapped nutrients from her blood—and she simply could not find enough food. She became anemic and severely thin.  Her young siblings also became sick, and walking itself became painful.

As Ruth describes this crisis, she buries her face in the yellow and green cloth of her dress and weeps silently. It’s a sudden moment of vulnerability from the strong young girl.

Ruth loves her family.  

Sole Hope workers found Ruth and her family through a social worker in her district. They offered Ruth’s family a chance to come to the Hope Center. There, they received life-changing treatment and education.

After even just a few days of eating well and being jigger free, Ruth is feeling stronger.  She willingly volunteers to help wash dishes or clean the Hope Center—helping in any way she can. She seems to relish responsibility.  She works with her whole heart on each and every task. Ruth works hard on everything she does, hoping to build a future for herself and her family.

Ruth has dreams.  

Now, Ruth’s feet are healing. For the first time in a long time, she has the chance to be a child again. Every day she is jumping rope, singing, and playing soccer with other patients her age.  In a few days, she will return home, armed with the skills and tools to help her family live jigger free forever.

For today, Ruth climbs into the blue seat of a swing and kicks her legs, feet floating above the ground. Dreaming. Getting a chance to be a kid.

Thank you for standing with Ruth, one of the strongest people we’ve ever met.