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Having jiggers carries a heavy social stigma in Uganda. This can mean being shunned, cast aside, unable to attend school, or even being locked away to die.

Hope Bringers fund the social work that identifies the areas and the individuals that need our help most and ensure they get the help they need. They also fund the education that is required to break the cycle and lead the way to a jigger-free life.

These critical pieces provide HOPE for a future free from the pain, stigma, and devastation jiggers can bring.


Sole Hope has an incredible medical team. Hope Bringers fund the medical services provided by this team through community clinics and the Hope Center. Each level of treatment is provided with the patient in mind. For patients receiving treatment at the Hope Center, that means a holistic treatment where the needs are thoroughly evaluated and cared for beyond their jiggers.


Through education, social work, medical treatment, and new shoes, Hope Bringers also provide the opportunity for freedom. Once they have been treated and given the necessary tools and resources, they are fully equipped to live a jigger-free life. That is a powerful feeling!

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