88,000 people served – 1.2 million jiggers removed – 360,000 pairs of shoes given

Sole Hope is a team based on 3 continents who are passionate about what we do: Bringing hope and healing to vulnerable people.

People with severe jigger cases are treated inpatient at the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation Hope Center.  Patients are treated for jiggers and any other medical conditions they may have from malaria to hernias. During their stay patients are fed nutritious meals, engage with education daily, and meet with social workers for psychosocial support.  Our social work team then follows up with patients after they go home to make sure they are living a jigger free life.
Our team travels from school to school on a weekly basis.  We go classroom to classroom and teach about jiggers and how to prevent them.  We then hold clinics where each child has their feet washed and inspected, is treated for any jiggers they may have, and is fit with a brand new pair of shoes made in our very own workshop.
We have teams of educators and social workers engaging the communities.  You can find them in schools, under the shade of mango trees, and in households across Eastern Uganda.  They spend every day teaching people how to live jigger free and connecting vulnerable families to community resources.

Sole Hope employs about 25 full-time Ugandan men and women to handcraft our shoes!  We are currently making about 11,000 pairs of shoes per year. Closed-toed shoes help prevent jigger infestation for people that wear them.  They protect feet in harsh conditions and a source of pride for people that own them.  

Our shoes are handcrafted in Uganda, but they start their journey with you! You can use your hands and your old jeans bring new life to vulnerable people in Uganda.

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