It’s hard to believe that 2016 is already half over! There are many exciting things happening in Uganda as we continue to fulfill Sole Hope’s mission. One of the amazing steps forward is that we are in the position to bring on a Country Director for Uganda.

Filling this much needed role will give us the leadership and will enable Sole Hope to continue to grow and be effective in treating individual cases of jiggers and in training sufficient numbers of Ugandan medical professionals. I am pleased to introduce Ian our new Uganda Country Director… or rather have him introduce himself below. He will be telling many of the stories that will appear on the Sole Hope blog in the future as he breathes in the joys and pains of living in Uganda and fighting the problem of jiggers here. Thank you for your continued support!!

The Best Is Yet To Come,

Drü Collie, Executive Director


“I feel so honored to be joining this team of people who wash feet, throw parties, cut up their jeans, and change the world, two feet at a time. What I love about Sole Hope is the clarity of vision and the exactness of purpose. I love the simple action taken by passionate, caring people. I love the impact of each pair of shoes, each jigger removal clinic, each stay at the outreach house. Together we are making hope come alive.

Laura and I have dedicate ourselves to working with underserved kids and the elderly. We’ve spent time in Africa, Asia, and Latin America starting and partnering with organizations that serve people medically and empower vulnerable children. In the US I have worked in the fields of adolescent substance abuse treatment and environmental education. I have a degree in journalism and a masters in counseling. I believe in the power of telling stories of hope. I believe in the power of living stories of hope.

Laura is a family nurse practitioner. She is a wellspring of healing, kindness, and laughter wherever she goes. Winden has dedicated her four months on this planet to growing fantastic hair and making funny faces. She is wildly successful. We are so excited to see what the future holds for our family in Uganda. We are thrilled to be a part of Sole Hope and grow alongside of the people who make this organization great.” — Ian Palkovitz, Uganda Country Director