We’re challenging your mind and body through three challenges being shared. You can participate in any of the challenges at any time during the year.

Week three brought us the Jerry Can Carry Challenge. In Uganda, many people have to walk a long way to get water. People make the trip to a well, pump what they need, and carry it home for cooking, bathing, drinking, and laundry. Additionally, Sole Hope uses several of these jerry cans each week to transport fresh water to clinics. Just one of these jerry cans full of water weighs 40 pounds! On a journey like this, healthy feet and a good pair of shoes can make all the difference. Bring a fresh perspective to your own community this week and and carry a gallon, or more, on your next walk helping us raise funds and awareness for the mission of Sole Hope!

Bare feet are unprotected feet, and they are vulnerable to foot-related diseases like jiggers. Many times these trip to collect fresh water are made without shoes. The good news is that jiggers are preventable. When children receive treatment and shoes from Sole Hope to protect their feet, they also receive education on how to treat and prevent jiggers. In order to remain jigger-free, education must be put into action. Your support makes this process possible. The Jerry Can Carry Challenge gives YOU an opportunity to share the mission of Sole Hope and help make this life-changing process a reality for thousands of vulnerable feet in Uganda.

Who’s up for the challenge?

ANYONE can participate from ANYWHERE! Adjust the weight to the age and ability of each participant. Substitute water jugs with other weighted items if needed.

Take your challenge up a notch and combine it with the Barefoot Walk Challenge, or complete the challenge with a jug, kettle bell, or weight in EACH hand (farmer’s carry).


Who can you challenge?

  • Local gym/class/trainer
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Coworkers
  • Church
  • Small group / Life group / Sunday School Class
  • Local businesses
  • College groups / teams
  • Your town
  • Social media friends / influencers

Think big and get creative! Know an athlete or a business who depends on good shoes to do their work? Challenge them too!

How does it work?

Take a walk carrying extra weight to simulate the daily walk for water people around the world make every day. You can even combine this challenge with the Barefoot Walk Challenge! Use your walk to raise funds and awareness for the mission of Sole Hope.

Share your photos and videos on social media using the #solehopechallenge and tag Sole Hope!

Ready to make an impact?

Have questions? Email giving@solehope.org for ideas and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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