We are excited to introduce you to our two new Spring 2015 interns! Jordan & Kayla joined Sole Hope on the ground in Jinja just a few short weeks ago. We have absolutely loved having them on our team & look forward to getting to know then more throughout the next few weeks. We are so thankful to have these two souls journeying with us, living through the ups & downs, seeing the hurt and choosing to see HOPE! We invited them to write a little bit about what they’ve experienced so far in Uganda – first impressions & beginning thoughts. You are welcome, Jordan & Kayla!


Words I would use to describe my first two weeks in Uganda: eye-opening, inspiring, fun and most of all hot! When we traveled to Kumuli, a village two and a half hours north of Jinja, to resettle the kids who had been at the Outreach house into their communities, I had no idea that me, Kayla and our friend Amanda would be the first muzungus (white people) that some of the other children had ever seen before. As we slid out of the big green Sole Hope van, the kids who had congregated to see what was going on quickly looked us up and down and then ran away in many different directions. As I processed this, I began to see how this could be a truly terrifying event for some of these kids. I imagined what it would be like if I was working at home in North Carolina and all of a sudden a blue person with red eyes and purple hair walked into the restaurant. I would be terrified! This experience opened my eyes to see that there are people in the world who look and live so differently from how I do and that all of our lives are meaningful and beautiful.

I’ve been to two jigger-removal clinics and they have definitely been my favorite days in Uganda thus far! To watch the kids dance and play with such joy and then sit bravely and patiently as strangers wash, poke and prod at their feet is a truly inspiring sight. On clinic days I get to see firsthand what an incredible impact Sole Hope and its supporters are having in the Busoga region and I am so grateful. Each day as a Sole Hope intern has been fun thus far because I get to interact with our wonderful Ugandan staff who are always smiling, play with kids and just get to know another culture! And because it’s summer in Uganda, every day has been incredibly hot, usually around 90 degrees Fahrenheit – which means we drink a lot of water and passionfruit juice! – Jordan


My first couple weeks here in Uganda have been quite a whirlwind! From doing jigger removal clinics in the villages, to resettling children with their families, to simply exploring Jinja and learning about the culture of Uganda. I easily feel like I have already been here for months.  Within the two weeks I have been here, I am already falling in love with the culture and the different people I have met! I’m realizing that every single day here brings something new. Uganda naturally keeps you on your toes, which is always exciting and can end up being quite an adventure at times.

I am so excited for all that the Lord has in store for my time with Sole Hope. These past few weeks have been wonderful and I can’t wait for the coming weeks and months! I know that the Lord is using Sole Hope to accomplish great things in Uganda and I am so excited to experience this firsthand during my time here!  – Kayla