Our interns have been here for less than two weeks and they are already blowing us away! Between their work ethic and willingness to participate in whatever’s thrown at them, they serve so well. Today we welcome them to the blog as they share about their first week in Jinja. Hannah and Haley, you are welcome! – Lis Steckle, International Coordinator


WOW! We cannot believe that it has almost been two whole weeks since we arrived here in Jinja!  As we have transitioned into life here in Uganda and at Sole Hope, the Lord has pushed and stretched us in many ways.  From simply learning to ride Bodas [motorcycle taxis] into town to holding a small child’s hand as jiggers are being removed from their feet, we have experienced more than we could have ever imagined.  Not only have we gone into the villages for jigger removal clinics, but we have sat in our own compound cradling our beloved outreach children as they endure the painful process of jigger removal.  While we taught each child proper hygiene and the importance of wearing their shoes, in return, we learned far more than we could have hoped for. 


Photo by Lis Steckle

Alawasi taught us that family is more than blood and that love bridges the gap between families and siblings.  

Rovisa taught us how to be patient amongst a bunch of rambunctious boys.  

Nairuba taught us how to be the best swing pusher in all of Uganda.  

Waiswa taught us that despite a language barrier a smile says it all.

Pious taught us that first impressions don’t always define what a relationship will look like in the end.  

Viola taught us that simple love is all that is needed for sweet cuddles and sweaty naps in the hammock.  


Photo by Haley Jo Little

Getting to know these kiddos the past week has been truly incredible.  Our day to day consisted of playing, dancing, chasing, tickling, and tons of giggling. While we were so incredibly sad to see them go, we are overjoyed to have had the opportunity to have them here. Here at the Sole Hope Outreach House, kids come in an out, and while that can and willbe tremendously hard, it is such a great depiction of the Lord’s love for us. He take us, puts us in a place where we can grow, learn, and become – and then sends us out.

With every obstacle conquered, we are reminded of how amazing The Lord is. With every tear shed, we are reminded how strong The Lord is. With every child healed, we are reminded how present The Lord is. And with every smile shared, we are reminded how good The Lord is.


Photo by Lis Steckle

It has been 9 days here in Jinja. 9 days working with Sole Hope, watching the impact, and the movement God is creating here. 9 days falling in love with this country, the red dirt, and the people in it. So right now, we are sweaty, sticky, smelly, covered in mosquito bites, and we are reminded: All that matters is how we love. All that matters is choosing joy. In the words of our new Ugandan friend, “Live the life you want to leave behind…”

Haley Jo & Hannah Joy