{photo: Lis Steckle}

Every little girl dreams of a new dress.

Each week in Uganda the Sole Hope staff welcomes a new group of children to the Outreach House.  These are the worst cases of jiggers that are referred to us by a network of trusted pastors and social workers.

When they arrive their feet are washed and they are treated for jiggers.  Many times they are with us for 1-2 weeks while they are healing, being educated about how to remain jigger free, and loved by the entire staff and guests on the compound.

These children are also provided Sole Hope shoes of course, meals, and NEW CLOTHES!

It is amazing to see the change in the children’s countenance when they put on new clothing that they get to keep!  Every child is different, but most wear the same clothing daily until it is literally falling off of them (another good use for safety pins!).

We have had a few generous ladies send pillow case dresses to give to the girls that arrive at the Outreach House.

Pillow Case Dresses {photo: Gail Moss}


{photo: Lis Steckle}


{photo: Lis Steckle}


{photo: Lis Steckle}

These dresses are not only an amazingly cute use of old pillow cases they put huge smiles on the girls that receive them.  We want to thank the sewing groups in the U.S. for the time and talent they give to make this happen!

***The Outreach House is also need of boys/men’s pants and shorts.  If you are interested in donating please contact to get them n the next shipment to Uganda!