It’s easy to focus on the negatives when fear and uncertainty are all around us, but we choose HOPE as our focus daily. We believe actions based on love and hope can change a nation, even in dark times.


Three of the best ways to take action and impact lives in Uganda are also great ways to engage with your family, learn, and stay active. Each activity is highlighted below, complete with description and link to order.

Host a Shoe Party

The Original Kit. A Shoe Party is a great activity for the family! Clean out your closets and use the old jeans you find to trace and cut the upper portion of Sole Hope shoes. Work together to complete each set that will make an impact on the life of someone in Uganda suffering from jiggers.

Kits are available for families all over the world. Shoe Party Kits cover 10 pairs of shoes. You can always make more if you have the resources! Donations for additional pairs can be included with your shoe patterns and mailed to the home office or you can donate online HERE.


  • Family Activity (Children 10 & under with supervision)
  • Indoor Activity
  • Activity with IMPACT

Virtual 5k

Join Sole Hope’s Virtual 5k: Every step makes an impact! This is a great way to stay active and motivate yourself and others to get moving during this time of quarantine. When you join the virtual 5k, you are literally taking steps to ensure those suffering from jiggers in Uganda can receive the education, medical care, and resources they need to live a life free from the pain and stigma of this parasite. You are also carrying the message of Sole Hope’s mission to all those who see your walk or your social media posts about it, and that makes an impact.

Join today! You can walk, run, row, skip, indoors or outdoors. Can’t do any of those? No problem! The average mile run is roughly equivalent to 100 calories burned. Set a goal to move your body anyway you can and burn 310 calories. The message of the mission behind each action is more important than the action itself.

Take it to the next level by forming your own team and challenging others to join.


  • Indoor/Outdoor Activity
  • All ages
  • Family Activity
  • Activity with Impact

The Journey Activity Pack

Our newest hands-on activity is already a favorite. There are two sizes, a small ($25) and a large pack ($45). The small pack comes with Sole Hope’s children’s book, Africa cookie cutter, shoe craft, coloring pages, and a few Sole Hope goodies. Additionally, you receive access to an exclusive Facebook group for families where you are able to learn about the work of Sole Hope & places around the world, engage with Sole Hope and supporters around the world in real-time, and participate in fun activities and challenges that make an impression on your family and an impact on the world. With the large pack, you get everything in the small pack PLUS our Special Series Curriculum. This curriculum is a 5-lesson series that focuses on salvation, simplicity, and service. Each lesson has a coordinating activity, game, and even snacks.

These kits provide great value at a great price. They work well, for families, church groups, homeschool groups, and classrooms: hands-on, engaging, interactive.


  • Indoor Activity
  • Interactive Activity
  • Elementary-age Activity
  • Family Activity
  • Activity with Impact

If you love these activities but would simply like to donate, click HERE. Every donation counts!


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