What makes Care Kits different from just donating medical supplies?

The medical supplies that we receive through general donations or in addition to shoe patterns are used for weekly clinics. The Care Kits are used specifically for Outreach as tools and supplements to the education families and children receive.


Why is there a required donation for each Kit?

The required donation for each Kit covers the additional supplies needed to complete each Kit. The additional supplies, educational materials, wash basins, and bar soap can be acquired easier and for less money in Uganda than it would cost us to purchase here and ship.


What is the Outreach House?

For adults and children who require more extensive treatment, Sole Hope brings them to the Outreach House where they receive food, clothing, medical treatment, housing and education during their stay. Sole Hope maintains staff at the Outreach House so that patients receive supervision and care 24 hours a day.


Does the size of the bag matter?

Yes, please use snack size bags for packing the cotton balls and quart size bags for all of the listed supplies. These sizes minimize wasted space.

Do the medical supplies have to be a certain brand?

No. Any brand of supplies can be used.


Can multiple sizes of safety pins be used?

The safety pins are the tools used to remove jiggers, so large safety pins (2” are great) are ones easiest to hold and maneuver to get the job done.


Are holiday stickers okay to include?

When choosing stickers, try to pick ones that are recognizable in any country and that are not tied to a specific holiday/country/etc.


The list calls for alcohol wipes. Are antibacterial wipes acceptable?
Alcohol wipes serve a specific purpose in the Kits that cannot be substituted with antibacterials wipes, so please only use alcohol wipes.
Can individual antibiotic packets be used instead of a tube?
Yes! If you are using individual packets of ointment, please pack 10 packets per bag in place of the one tube.

Does the cost of the Kit include shipping to the Sole Hope office?

No, the cost of the Kit only includes your instructional materials and required donation for 10 Kits. The shipping is the responsibility of the host.