We have exciting news on the Sole Hope Uganda front. We’ve been working on planning, coordinating, and finalizing our first ever Sole Hope Bloggers trip! We are counting down the days (30 as of today) until they arrive. We’re excited to be exploring something we never have before. We have eight talented bloggers travelling to Jinja from all over the United States – from Washington state to South Carolina. They will be able to experience life, Sole Hope work, and the beautiful country of Uganda – and then they get to write about it! We cannot wait to see what comes of this trip, and we cannot wait to share it with you!



You’ll be able to follow along with these bloggers every day as they experience Sole Hope and Uganda – some for the first time. You will get a first hand look into their experiences everyday that they are here as they blog the heart and soul of each day. We look forward to taking this journey with them, and can’t wait to get to know their hearts through their writing.

Over the few weeks, we will start introducing you to these amazing ladies and their blogs. They are amazing individuals with a common heart for Sole Hope. Each coming from a different location, with a different past, and a unique take on this world. Soon they will be here experiencing so many things for the first time, while being able to see first hand what Sole Hope is doing in Uganda. Stay tuned for upcoming team announcement! You can follow their journey by looking up #blogHOPE on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We are so thrilled that this trip is turning into a reality.

30 days and counting! Will you come on this journey with us?