Challenge your mind and body by participating in one or more of the three challenges being shared. You can participate in any of the challenges at any time during the year.

First up is the Barefoot Walk Challenge. Ditch your shoes and take a walk with us to raise funds and awareness for the mission of Sole Hope!

Bare feet are unprotected feet, and they are vulnerable to foot-related diseases like jiggers. The good news is that these are preventable. When children receive treatment and shoes from Sole Hope, they also receive education on how to treat and prevent jiggers. In order to remain jigger-free, education must be put into action. Your support makes this process possible. The Barefoot Walk Challenge gives YOU an opportunity to take a walk for their shoes, sharing the mission of Sole Hope and helping to make this life-changing process a reality for thousands of vulnerable feet in Uganda.

Who’s up for the challenge?

Challenge friends, family, churches, groups, classes, local businesses, or even your entire town to step out of their shoes and comfort zones to walk a mile for their shoes. ANYONE can participate from ANYWHERE!


Who can you challenge?

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Coworkers
  • Church
  • Small group / Life group / Sunday School Class
  • Local businesses
  • Schools / groups / classes / teams
  • College groups / teams
  • Your town
  • Social media friends / influencers

How does it work?

  • Issue your challenge. Make it public. Record a video or make post to share what you are doing, why you’re doing it, who you are challenging. Share it on social media.
  • Use Sole Hope hashtags including #barefootwalkchallenge and tag Sole Hope.
  • Share information on how someone can donate in person. You can create your own online fundraiser or use a form for in person donations (see Resources).
  • Take a barefoot walk. It’s that simple.
  • Walk a mile (or more, or less depending on your group) for those Sole Hope serves in Uganda.
  • Share your photos and videos (using hashtags) on social media.

You can also participate in local events being hosted around the country. Check with your state’s Advocate for information on local events.

Resources & Tips


When planning your walk, you can set it up like a Relay for Life event and get sponsorships or like the Ice Bucket Challenge and challenge + donate. You can also have supporters donate to participate. Use online and/or in person donations to link your steps to donations and make change possible for thousands suffering from jiggers in Uganda.

Have questions? Email for ideas and answers to your most frequently asked questions.


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