Sole Hope has been given the opportunity to partner with the District of Jinja! The health department of the district is joining us for an Anti-Jigger Movement campaign to combat jiggers in five different villages in the Busoga Region. Jiggers are not often recognized as a problem on the political level, so we are not only excited to be involved in this campaign, but we are glad to see higher levels of government stepping up to address this issue.


Photo by Lis Steckle

Monday kicked off the campaign with a meeting held for all the local councilors and Jinja District Health members explaining the aim of the campaign and details about how everything would be implemented. The Jinja District Health Inspector, Henry, spoke about some of the issues surrounding jiggers as well as how Sole Hope would be partnering with the district to teach and remove jiggers alongside Village Health Teams. Sole Hope Founder, Asher Collie, was able to speak about what Sole Hope has been doing to eradicate jiggers in the Busoga region for the last several years, as well as a few success stories we’ve had along the way.

Today we held a training day for the Village Health Team leaders at the Sole Hope compound. We were able to share with them more specific details about how Sole Hope will assist throughout the campaign. Asher and our team also demonstrated the entire removal procedure and all the supplies we use and bring to each individual clinic. It was a day of learning and sharing with a common focus of teamwork. Both the district and Sole Hope have emphasized the importance of working as team throughout this campaign. We are all in this fight together, and we hope to see a day with #ZEROjiggers!


Photo by Haley Jo Little

The official campaign launch is June 11th – stay tuned for details and updates throughout the campaign!