Our Back To School Campaign has been in full swing this month, and we are already halfway through! We shared Jared’s story last week and below, we share Juliet’s story. By becoming part of the $10 for TEN Tribe, you are giving siblings and families like Juliet’s a chance to live healthy lives.


When a child comes to the Outreach Home, if they are too young to take care of themselves, a caretaker will accompany them. Juliet is 14, the second oldest of 8 siblings, and she came as a caretaker for her 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

Juliet’s story isn’t an uncommon one. It is filled with hardships, neglect, responsibility, sacrifice, and strength. Her parents were not able to care for her siblings, so since she was the eldest girl of them, she became the caretaker of her family. Her mornings begin early as she heads door to door asking if there is anything she can do for some money. Whether it is cleaning others’ homes, working outside, or selling food on the side of the road, she takes all that she earns in a day and buys food for her siblings at home.

Just as any 14-year-old, Juliet was never supposed to carry the weight and responsibility of a family on her shoulders, but she has, with grace, dignity, and strength. In her actions and dreams for the future, they all include her family. When asked what her dreams are she explained, “to be a nurse so I could help my family.” Her nature for caretaking is evident and a beautiful thing to see in someone who is so young. Coming to Sole Hope with her 3 brothers and 2 sisters is a perfect example of that.

Her siblings came to Sole Hope with a combined total of 220 jiggers. Making the decision and sacrifice of leaving the remainder of her siblings with her older brother and entrusting him with the responsibility of caring for them for two weeks, further shows her maturity and desire to make sure her family stays healthy and have hope for a better future.

During their stay at our Outreach House, Juliet and her family have had all of their jiggers removed and have been educated on how to stay jigger free. They were taught how they can each take care of themselves to prevent jiggers and how to properly remove any if they get them.

Your $10 for TEN donation gives these 7 siblings and families like them a chance to live healthy lives. It helps children like Juliet, who have chosen to be caretakers despite their young age, have a little less weight and responsibility on their shoulders by providing education that equips each of her siblings with knowledge on how stay jigger free.