Did you know you could double the value of your fundraising?

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, but each company’s program varies. Depending on your company’s program, your recent donations may be eligible as well.

If you would like your gift to do twice as much, contact the Human Resources or Charitable Giving department where you work. They will be able to tell you if gifts to Sole Hope are eligible to be matched and provide you with the required paperwork, usually the 501c3 determination letter and other information.

Some of the employers who match funds and/or have volunteer grant programs:

AllState (MG, VG)
American Eagle (MG, VG)
Ameriprise Financial (MG, VG)
Apple (MG, VG)
Apple (MG, VG)*
Astra Zeneca (MG, VG)
Bank of America (MG, VG)
Best Buy (VG)
Boeing (MG)*
BP (MG, VG)*
Cargill (MG)
CarMax (MG)
Chevron (MG, VG)
Coca Cola (MG)
Disney (MG, VG)
eBay (MG, VG)
Exxon Mobile (VG*)
Gap (MG, VG)
Geico (MG)
General Electric (MG)
General Mills (MG)
Google (MG, VG)


Home Depot (MG)
Honda (MG, VG)
John Deere (MG)
Johnson & Johnson (MG)
JP Morgan Chase (MG, VG)
Kohl’s (VG)
Macy’s (MG, VG)
McDonald’s (MG)
Merk (MG, VG)
Microsoft (MG, VG)
Nationwide (VG)
Nike (MG)
Nordstrom (MG)
Outer wall (MG, VG)
Pepsi (MG)
Prudential (MG, VG)
Regions Bank (MG)
Samsung (MG)
Soros Fund Management (MG)*
Starbucks (MG, VG)
State Farm (MG, VG)
State Street Corporation (MG)
UnitedHealth Group (MG, VG)
Verizon (MG, VG)
WalMart (VG)


Please note that each company’s program operates within different guidelines. Some have minimum and maximum matching limits as well as different details on volunteer grants.

If you know someone who works at a company with an *, email fundraising@solehope.org for additional information!