Thank you for choosing to spend time in Jinja, Uganda volunteering with Sole Hope!

General Trip Planning / Travel Information

Your Plane Ticket

This varies seasonally and airline by airline but you can expect something around $1,500.  

If you would like to use a travel agent, we recommend Tabitha at  

Transportation To/From Airport

This is about $50 each way.  If you need transportation arranged for you, Sole Hope can do that for an extra minimal cost.  

Please email to arrange that.  


The only required vaccine is Yellow Fever, but we also suggest talking with your Doctor to see what they might recommend.  You will need to bring your Yellow Fever card with you!


You can get your e-visa through the link below (The visa is currently $50).

Room and Board

Sole Hope runs a Guest House and we would love to have you stay!  The room fees include family style dinner, wifi, and laundry.  You can book your stay here.

Spending Money

Safaris, raft trips, etc… tend to be rather expensive, but awesome.

Rafting is around $140 for a day, and if you like to be scared you should experience it.  Multi day safaris start around $400 per person.

Be sure to save something for the Sole Hope Gift Shop so you can go home looking fresh!

Food, transport, a phone, and shopping:  These things are at your discretion.  They are comparable or slightly cheaper to the US, depending on your taste and if you are comfortable riding motorcycle taxis.  These are very cheap, but inherently a little risky.


The Sole Hope Exclusive

Morning Afternoon
Monday 9:30-10:30 Group Games


10:30 Education Observation/Facilitation

Lunch With Patients


30 min. creative learning activity.

Tuesday 9:30-10:30 Group Games


10:30 Outreach Jigger removal or Education Observation/Facilitation

Lunch With Patients


30 min. creative learning activity.  

Wednesday 9:30-10:30 Group Games


10:30 Education Observation/Facilitation

Lunch With Patients


30 min. creative learning activity.

Thursday Sole Hope Clinic
Friday 9:30-10:30 Group Games


10:30 Education Observation/Facilitation

Lunch With Patients


30 min. creative learning activity.

Resettlement Observation

The basic daily operations and needs of Sole Hope are covered by the Ugandan staff.  Your role in this schedule would be to build relationships and look for ways to serve the patients at the outreach house in ways they are not experiencing.  You would also be expected to facilitate an hour of games/recreation in the morning.  This could be kicking around a ball and pushing patients on the swing, or it could be something more creative.  After lunch you will be expected to run a half hour creative learning session with the patients.  Many volunteers enjoy doing vacation bible school style lessons, crafts, stories, or sports related activities.  Translation will be provided.  Please let us know what your plans are in advance so we can share them with our staff!  

Afternoons will be flexible and could include working with patients in the garden, sitting on the porch and building relationships, helping Aisha with dinner preparation, or playing more games with kids.  Life here doesn’t move at the pace you might be used to. You might not always feel useful, but you will be building relationships, and that’s what counts.  

You can choose between taking a lunch break and going out or eating with the patients.  

The Jinja Blend

Morning Afternoon
Monday Off/Exploration
Tuesday Sole Hope Outreach House 9:30-10:30 Group Games


10:30 Education Observation/Facilitation

Potential Jigger Removal

Lunch With Patients


VBS Facilitation

Amazima School Tour 2:00-3:30

Wednesday Healing Faith
Thursday Sole Hope Clinic

This diverse schedule keeps you on the move and gets you two days a week with Sole Hope’s patients and team.  It also gets you some time with some of our favorite local ministries.  Healing Faith does work with malaria prevention and Arise Talents teaches professional level art to vulnerable children.  There are many other local ministries such as babies homes and aids orphanages.  

We can help you make these connections but you will be responsible for transportation and should be aware that schedules vary.  This will require some flexibility and a willingness to go with the flow on your part.  

The Choose Your Own Adventure

Morning Afternoon
Thursday Sole Hope Clinic

Hey, clinic is great and we always could use a hand.  But this is a cool town and a beautiful area.  There are countless organizations, big rapids, jungles, restaurants, pools, shops, and miles of potholed roads.  Stay here with us while you have an adventure.  We’ll make sure you get dinner.    


Please fill out the linked form and read over the below description in preparation for your day with Sole Hope.

** Space is limited to 10 volunteers per clinic **


Arrival/Return Time: Thursday at 9:45am in order to be ready for a 10am sharp departure. Please meet at Plot 47 Wilson Avenue in Jinja. We normally return between 2pm and 3pm, but time can vary.

What to Bring: Water and a light snack (optional).

What to Wear: For men, long pants are required – please no shorts. For ladies, please wear a long skirt (past your knees) and a t-shirt or tank top (if the straps are multiple fingers wide). Please do not wear shorts or pants. We recommend that you wear close toed shoes as we are working in areas infected with jiggers. While we recommend this, it is not required.

Photography: Most times, we are working in remote villages – often they are first time visits for the Sole Hope team. We want to treat everyone with the utmost respect and dignity. While we allow pictures to be taken within the clinic area, please be sensitive to those you are photographing. We do not want our patients to feel as though they are animals at the zoo. If you are not sure if it is appropriate to take a certain picture, please ask one of the Sole Hope staff members. If you are ever wondering if you should take a picture, first think about how you would feel if someone took a picture of you in that situation. Having said that, pictures are a powerful way to involve people back home and around the world in what you are doing in Uganda.

Giving: Please refrain from giving anything to those in the village without permission from a Sole Hope staff member. This may include, but is not limited to, water bottles (empty or full), snacks, candy, bracelets, etc. Gifts like this often cause fights between the children and can end in riots or injuries. Please ask a staff member if there is something you have to be given out.

Flexibility: While we strive to keep things on schedule, this is Uganda and plans change. Please be flexible when it comes to timing, length of drive, duration of clinic, or roles assigned. Please come willing to fit wherever you are needed and know that everything doesn’t always happen as we plan for it to. Please feel free to ask us any questions along the way!

After the clinic: We encourage you to remain at the Sole Hope compound for 15-20 minutes after we return to take a tour of the operations side of Sole Hope.  We offer tours of our facilities as well as time with the Tailors, Shoemakers, and Outreach House children.

We are so thankful that you have stepped out and serving alongside Sole Hope. We could not do what we do without the support and encouragement from our volunteers around the globe!

**If you have your own transport on clinic day please email to arrange your time with Sole Hope.

If you have any questions please email: