When you join TEN for TEN

Your small $10 donation will change the narrative of a life in Uganda.

Real feet. Real Hope. Real Action.

Start today, start now. It’s true that you can make a difference.

Consider how your wallet would look if you took $10 out – you may not even notice it, right? This reality puts you in approximately the top 15 percent of the world’s population by wealth and means you’re in the lucky position to be able to help others fairly easily.

Your 10 BUCKS covers TEN TOES each month. By becoming part of The $10 for TEN Tribe, you are providing the financial support to ensure individuals in Uganda have the opportunity to become & remain jigger free.


A great way to give back and know your $10 monthly donation is truly making a difference by reading stories and updates from Uganda each month.


Students can collectively combine $10 a month to donate and receive updates as a class on how they are making an impact across the world!


In the same way as a classroom, your civic and community groups can donate $10 and join together to help make an impact in Uganda!