Join our $10 for 10 program and provide the finances to ensure each individual in Uganda has the opportunity to become and remain jigger free. By committing to donating $10.00 a month to Sole Hope, you can ensure that one child every month is getting a new pair of shoes. Shoes that will impact the trajectory of their lives! What are you waiting for? Join today.



Read below about Esther and the impact Sole Hope was able to make in her life.

“Weebale, Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Esther says.  Her hands are rough with scars.  Her eyes are full of gratefulness and resolve.  

When she came to Sole Hope for treatment, Esther was so weak she had been crawling instead of walking.  Jiggers had not just attacked her hands and feet, but also her arms and legs as she dragged herself through the dust.

With over 500 jiggers feeding on her blood, Esther was dangerously anemic.  With a blood transfusion, the parasites removed, and a healthy diet, the life crept back into her smile.  As her feet recovered she began to walk again.

Esther’s new shoes will protect her as she walks through fields collecting firewood to sell in the market.  Your shoe sponsorship paid for these shoes and paid the wages of Sole Hope’s staff as they fed, educated, and cared for Esther until she was healthy and strong enough to move back home.

So, from all of us at Sole Hope and from Esther, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your partnership is changing lives.

Esther’s story mirrors the stories of so many we care for – people suffering from immense hurt as a result of something smaller than a grain of rice. A jigger can cause a child to miss school or put them at risk of neglect from their families. Yet, some of our most painful, severe, & “impossible” cases have turned out to have the greatest transformative and hopeful endings. Once again, Esther has a beautiful and bright future ahead of her, but her case is not the only one. Please join us as we continue to treat and heal people in Uganda from the pain of jiggers. Together, we move forward toward the #nexttwofeet, #ZEROjiggers, and hope for changed lives.

Learn more about the Tailors and Shoe Makers that are crafting our shoes, HERE!