Strategic Partnerships

We work through tailored engagements with our Strategic Partners, equipping them with opportunities to serve in ways that use their unique set of skills, talents, and resources. 

Our model for impact through our Strategic Partners:


Strategic Partnerships provide stability both for our programs and our budget,  increase our exposure to other people and opportunities, increase our efficiency (which reduces administrative costs), increase our effectiveness by meeting
program-specific needs, and create a relationship of mutual accountability.

Interested in getting involved?

Our most successful partnerships span a multi-year life cycle and involve a number of different opportunities. While each partnership is unique, our goals are only achieved if each partner works to serve in at least two of the three areas each year.



Help shine a bigger spotlight on the problem of jiggers and the impact of our work.

  • Share on social media + your website
  • Share in print
  • Host speaking events
  • Recruit others to become a Voice of Hope Influencer



Rally your network to fundraise, help spread the word, and contribute to clinics, operations, or the tools that make our work possible.

  • DONATE: partner with a monthly donation or provide for a program, building project, or a specific need with a one-time donation
  • GIVE: provide employer-matched grants, in-kind services, a percentage of sales, or in-kind supplies
  • HOST: annual events or fundraisers benefitting Sole Hope



Come see the impact of your partnership firsthand.

  • VISIT: unique Experience Trip opportunities to learn from and serve alongside those you support in Uganda

Partner Support

For each of our official strategic partners, Sole Hope commits to 

  • providing tools & resources needed for fundraising, events, and advocacy, including media inventory, kits, and support
  • providing regular reporting and partner-specific stories
  • providing trip opportunities
  • providing communication support contacts for each partner

Strategic Partnership FAQ

Who can become a Strategic Partner?

Sole Hope’s Strategic Partners are made up of organizations, businesses, churches, and individuals committed to partnering with us stateside in ways that support our operations in Uganda. You can give back through your business or make a personal commitment to serving the vulnerable in Uganda. The partnership is unique to YOU.

Is there a minimum donation for partnership?

Impact happens at all levels. Even a seemingly small donation, when given at the right time with the right purpose, can be a major gift to the organization. However, Strategic Partners who donate monthly give exclusively in the top two giving tiers. Annual donations, though varied, cover program expenses, building projects, and specific needs that are typically larger commitments. The key is finding the right partnership for you whether that is a strategic, monthly, or one of our other programs. 

What is the difference between being a Monthly Partner and a Strategic Partner?

Monthly Partners do more. Becoming a Strategic Partner is the next level of commitment. Not only do Strategic Partners donate financially, but they also take an active role in promoting and fundraising for the organization using their own networks and circles of influence. 

How do I become a Strategic Partner? What is the process?

The process is simple. Send an email to A member of our staff will be in touch to set up a Discovery Call. This call is to learn more about you and for you to learn more about our programs. This will help us determine where your skills, talents, and resources can best be utilized. From there, we’ll provide you with a detailed plan of engagement, your communication contact information, and the resources you need to get started. 

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact: