A few days ago we shared the 1st of 4 updates about our Shoe Party Kit relaunch! If you missed it, you can check it out here. Today, we will be breaking down the changes occurring with this program and the explanation for each change.


Only 25 kits are available for sale each month

The reason we are only selling 25 kits per month is to ensure that our production team in Uganda is able to keep up with the amount of shoe uppers we are receiving. Our ultimate goal is to grow this team and provide more shoes, but for now, we are concentrating on growing sustainably in a way we can ensure full support to our employees rather than growing too fast. We also want to ensure we are not creating waste with shoes we might not be able to make.

Cost of Shoe Party Kits

Each shoe party kit will be sold for $115. This price is based on the party making 10 shoe uppers. It costs Sole Hope approximately $10 for each pair of shoes to be made (included in that price: tools and materials, shipping to Uganda, production facilities overhead, transportation, medical care, and employee costs.)


If your party wants to make more than 10 shoe uppers

For each additional set of shoe uppers after the initial 10, you will just need to include $10 for each pattern set. The party kit will provide more information on this.


What you should do if a party sends in a set of shoe uppers that do not have $10 included

Unfortunately, any shoe uppers that do not have the required donation that are sent in above the initial 10 we will not be able to accept. We have to make sure we are able to cover costs to produce these shoes in a sustainable way. The shoe party kit will explain this in detail so you can be assured that if you follow the instructions, all of your shoe uppers will be accepted.


New Shoe Party Kits vs. Old Shoe Party Kits

These new Kits have a new look, new information, and a new process. To help keep all process operating along the same lines, we strongly encourage everyone to purchase a new Shoe Party Kit if you plan to host again.


Buying a Kit before planning begins

We have updated the kit in so many ways and it will be crucial for you to receive your Shoe Party Kit prior to planning. Our kits will walk you through everything you need to know in regards to planning and executing your party!


Sharing Kits

We no longer allow the sharing of Shoe Party Kits. As explained above, we are only selling a limited number each month so if you sharing your kit would prevent us from executing that process in a sustainable way that works with our new program.



The new kits will only have digital videos. We no longer will be sending DVDs.


Thank You

Thanks for reading each change and understanding our hearts and position behind this. We’ve worked extremely hard to create this program in a way where people can get involved in an easy and tangible way. In addition, our main priority is to stick to our mission and ensure healthy and sustainable efforts are being made in Uganda. Thank you for your understanding.