FAQ’s About the Pause of Shoe Cutting Parties

What does the $10 per pair of shoes cover?  There is a detailed description on the back of your Shoe Party Booklet, but it covers shipping to Uganda, extra materials (thread, elastic, glue, etc.), paying Tailor and Shoemaker, other employees, and additional critical infrastructure to complete the mission in Uganda.

Are Shoe Parties done forever?  No!  They will be back shortly – we are just restructuring them.

Is your mission changing?  Are you not giving out shoes anymore?  Did you fire your Tailors and Shoemakers?  No!  Our mission is not changing; we are still making shoes and giving them out!  None of our employees have lost their jobs, in fact, we are currently hiring more.  This is a temporary halt on Shoe Parties while we restructure them.

How do we get involved now?  There are lots of ways – check out our “get involved” section of the website, and we would love to have you do one of our new Care Kit Parties!

What happens to my shoes if I send them in and they aren’t sponsored?  You can get them sponsored!  Remember that it takes a community to change the world.  Don’t try to do it alone.  Ask your friends, co-workers, and community to help you!  Email fundraising@solehope.org for resources and suggestions.

Can I still have a party / send you my shoes?  If you already have a complete Shoe Party Kit – Yes, please!  We only ask that you don’t send them in until they are fully sponsored.