Offering HOPE, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief.


It all started with an encounter with a YouTube video – a video that broke our Founder’s heart, took us WAY out of our comfort zones, and led us to Uganda. Along the way, we realized we could not only help Ugandan children live lives free from jiggers, but we could help Ugandan men and women earn a fair wage by making the shoes that go on the feet of the children we treat. Jiggers are not like any other parasite. The health implications and social stigma that comes with them is crippling to those affected by them. We believe there is hope for the problem of jiggers in Uganda, and the way Sole Hope makes a difference is by helping the “next two feet” at a time become jigger free and remain that way.

Suddenly it made sense that somebody had to do something about this – and we were that somebody.

Dru Collie

Executive Director, Sole Hope


There are many ways you can be involved with making a sustainable change through Sole Hope.  The Sole Hope team appreciates and values the support and encouragement of volunteers.  Below are some of the ways you can help Sole Hope.


You can make a direct impact on the life of someone seemingly a world away by being a source of hope. Hope of relief from foot-related disease. Hope of an active life.  Be moved. Be active. Be someone’s hope.

Amazon Wish List

Sole Hope has many, many needs for all sorts of goods. Portable stools to megaphones. Sheets to measuring cups. You can order stuff for Sole Hope, and we’ll have it sent along with the next group of visitors & servants.


Your donation to Sole Hope’s general fund supports our mission of offering hope and healthier lives in Uganda.

Now that I am jigger free and have no more pain, I can finally play football (soccer) again!


8 years old


Wounds that take Time

Henry is a father of four children and a farmer.  He has a farmer’s broad shoulders and strong hands. He grows corn and beans on the upland slopes and rice where land meets water in a swampy wetland.   One hot morning a year and a half ago, Henry woke up, picked up a...

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Two Young Friends

Samuel Samuel lives in a village called Bujagali. The area used to boast one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Nile river, but was flooded by a hydroelectric dam. Landowners were displaced, and for subsistence farmers who have lived in a place for generations...

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Bringing Life out of Grief

Here in Uganda we have the pleasure of working with joyful and resilient patients every day.  We see Sole Hope shoes skipping down red dirt roads, we see a grandmother’s smile as we hand her a lollipop during a clinic.  We see eyes growing brighter day by day as...

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