Ways to Get Involved with Sole Hope

There are many ways you can be involved with making a sustainable change through Sole Hope.
The Sole Hope team appreciates and values the support and encouragement of volunteers.


Put your treasure where your heart is. We make it easy to give. Click the link to see all the ways you can give to Sole Hope.


Do you want to use your skills and talents to make an impact on the world? We invite you to partner with us by using your gifts to raise funds and awareness for Sole Hope. 



We are looking for people to represent Sole Hope in all 50 states! Do you have a passion for Sole Hope and want to share it with others?


Spend some time in Jinja, Uganda volunteering with Sole Hope!


You can make a direct impact on the life of someone seemingly a world away by being a source of hope. Hope of relief from foot-related disease. Hope of an active life. Be moved. Be active. Be someone’s hope. Click here to get information on all your party options!


Sole Hope internships seek to provide a hands-on immersive opportunity for young adults, students, and post-grads seeking experience working and serving in Uganda.


Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow, October 10th (10/10), is our biggest day of the year to create awareness of our $10 for TEN program which funds our mission for #zerojiggers. Help us spread awareness and invite others to join the community by saving and sharing the image and...

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We are one week away!

October 10 (10/10) is our biggest day of the year to create awareness of our $10 for TEN program which funds our mission for #zerojiggers. Each $10 donation represents a healthy child whose two feet (and 10 toes) are jigger-free. From the education to the...

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Q2 Update and Recap

As we enter the second half of 2018, our team in Uganda is relentlessly searching for the most vulnerable people in the country.  We are finding widows who have fallen through the cracks, and children who have been overlooked. We are finding...

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