More Ways to Get Involved with Sole Hope

There are many ways you can be involved with making a sustainable change through Sole Hope.
The Sole Hope team appreciates and values the support and encouragement of volunteers.


Put your treasure where your heart is. We make it easy to give. Just click below to give generously or to sponsor shoes for a child or several children in Africa. A donation of $10 means that a child in Uganda will get a pair of close toed shoes. And, sponsoring shoes for a child today ensures our shoe makers will have work tomorrow. We are grateful for your donation!


Do you want to use your skills and talents to make an impact on the world? We invite you to partner with us by using your skills, talents, and gifts to raise funds and awareness for Sole Hope. Your fundraising efforts make the education, jobs, medical relief, and all the other operations of Sole Hope possible. Our fundraising kit contains ideas, tools, and resources for creating a fundraiser that is well-suited for you and keeps Sole Hope moving on to the #NextTwoFeet.



We are looking for people to represent Sole Hope in all 50 states! Do you have a passion for Sole Hope and want to share it with others?


Spend some time in Jinja, Uganda volunteering with Sole Hope!

Sole Hope has many, many needs for all sorts of goods. Portable stools to megaphones. Sheets to measuring cups. You can order stuff for Sole Hope, and we’ll have it sent along with the next group of visitors & volunteers.


Sole Hope internships seek to provide a hands-on immersive opportunity for young adults, students, and post-grads seeking experience working and serving in Uganda.


You can make a direct impact on the life of someone seemingly a world away by being a source of hope. Hope of relief from foot-related disease. Hope of an active life. Be moved. Be active. Be someone’s hope. Click here to get information on all your party options!


Charity Miles is a free app (available for iPhone and Android users) that allows you to earn money for some of your favorite charities as you walk or bike. All you have to do is log your miles with the app, and they will donate to the charity you select from their list of organizations.


Did you know that your employer may offer ways for you to give to Sole Hope? Did you know that your employer may even match your gifts? Check into these options for multiplying your generosity.


We know that it’s not always possible for everyone to give – even if you want to. But you are still able to make an impact (or grow your own!) by creating your own fundraiser on Facebook. Creating a fundraiser is easy and is a great way to invite your friends and family to contribute to Sole Hope.


Q4 Update & Recap

HarrietA slim girl in a simple blue dress steps into the center of the circle and her friends cheer. She stomps the red dirt with her new Sole Hope shoes, a giddy grin on her face--grooving until she runs out of moves. Seeming both sheepish and satisfied, she joins...

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Q3 Update and Recap

Ruth At 13 years old Ruth is shouldering a tremendous amount of responsibility. Years ago, Ruth’s father passed away, and shortly afterward, her mother was paralyzed in an accident.  Now the remaining caretaker to a disabled parent and three young children, Ruth works...

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Today’s the day!

TODAY IS THE DAY! Today is 10/10, the biggest day for our $10 for TEN program! Here’s how it works: Your $10 provides the education, medical care, shoes, and after-care needed for a jigger-free life for one child. By becoming part of the $10 for TEN Tribe,...

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