Q3 Update and Recap

Ruth At 13 years old Ruth is shouldering a tremendous amount of responsibility. Years ago, Ruth’s father passed away, and shortly afterward, her mother was paralyzed in an accident.  Now the remaining caretaker to a disabled parent and three...

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Today’s the day!

TODAY IS THE DAY! Today is 10/10, the biggest day for our $10 for TEN program! Here’s how it works: Your $10 provides the education, medical care, shoes, and after-care needed for a jigger-free life for one child. By becoming part of the $10 for TEN Tribe,...

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Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow, October 10th (10/10), is our biggest day of the year to create awareness of our $10 for TEN program which funds our mission for #zerojiggers. Help us spread awareness and invite others to join the community by saving and sharing the image and...

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