Advocate: noun  ad·vo·cate \ ˈad-və-kət , -ˌkāt \: one who pleads the cause of another; one who defends or maintains a                                                                                                      cause or proposal; one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group.


Since its start in 2012, Sole Hope’s Advocate Program has been an integral part of its US operations. The Advocate team is made up of passionate individuals from across the country dedicated to the mission of Sole Hope. These individuals come from all walks of life to work as volunteer representatives of Sole Hope in their states and community spreading the message and purpose of Sole Hope.

We are looking for more individuals who believe in Sole Hope, who are passionate about helping to further our cause, and who are willing to commit their time and talents to helping us achieve our goals.

Sole Hope Advocates are active volunteers, acting as representatives of Sole Hope. Advocates commit to spending time volunteering for Sole Hope in varying capacities throughout each year.  Advocates have booths at local events, host fundraisers, speak at community meetings, gather supplies, and keep an active presence on social media (personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) for Sole Hope. They have monthly goals to attain, meetings to attend, and communication within the organization to maintain. Advocates who maintain active status within the program also have the opportunity to attend the annual Advocate Trip to Uganda, an exclusive trip for Advocates only, as well as the yearly Advocate Retreat.


Requirements: Must be 18 years or older and must live in an area where the Advocate need has not already been met.

If you are interested in becoming a Sole Hope Advocate, please email a video (under 2 mins) to that addresses the following things:

1.  Name
2.  Age
3. Where you live
4.  Why you want to be an Advocate for Sole Hope
5.  Why you believe in the work Sole Hope is doing
6.  How far you’re willing to travel for Sole Hope (only in your community, your state, The United States, Uganda, etc.)
7.  Any personal skills that you believe may be an asset to Sole Hope
8.  If you’ve ever been to Eastern Africa and what your experience was if so
9.  Information on any Sole Hope functions/events you have attended
10.  Do you know any other Sole Hope Advocates?  If so, who, and in what capacity?
11. Are you involved with any other organization?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Advocate for Sole Hope!